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Jul 27 2014, 05:57 PM
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There was something normal about going out every night and drinking. Going to the clubs, seeing girls dance around, and drinking large amounts of liquor were just easy to Erik. It had become a normal evening activity for him ever since he came to Spain. Girls were prettier and the alcohol was stronger than anything he had ever experienced in America. And now that he was a vampire he could enjoy the things he loved the most in life, women and booze.<br><br>

Many years had passed since Erik was turned into a vampire. For years he spent hating himself and the woman that turned him into the monster. But as he learned more and more about himself he realized that this was what he was always meant to be. Everything in his life pointed to him being a vampire. He couldn’t picture his life any other way. If he had never become a vampire he wouldn’t have never got any access to the power he currently has. The strength that runs through his body is from being a vampire and from his years of honing and perfecting his strength. He was stronger than most vampires his age because he wanted to be stronger than the other vampires he would run into.<br><br>

The women at the clubs were baffled by how much liquor Eirk would be drinking, because of the amount and the price he would have to pay. The attention was a good thing because they brought the beautiful women to him. They were drawn to his money and to his mysterious allure. It made Erik’s hobby that much easier. He enjoyed women more than most men. He appreciated their beauty and he wanted nothing more than to keep them beautiful for the rest of their lives. The women didn’t have to asked to be changed, Erik just knew that is what they wanted because it’s what any normal person would want.<br><br>

This night at the club was a usual. Erik was looking for another beautiful woman to add to his collection. He was very selective about which woman he thought was beautiful enough to join him. In Europe it wasn’t hard for him to find the right women, and he had found the club that constantly had beautiful women. Erik had become a regular there, which meant he not only knew all the women around but he also knew some of the men in town.<br><br>

Erik wasn’t one for friends, especially men. He preferred to be the only man his women would ever need. But every now and then Erik would meet another man that shared some of Erik’s interests. And the man had to be interested in different women than Erik, because Erik would not want to beat someone up for trying to take a woman from him. Andrick fit those qualifications. Erik wouldn’t consider his <i>friend</i> to be an actual friend, but it was pleasant to have a male around from time to time. <b>”It’s another beautiful night tonight, isn’t it my friend?”</b> Erik raised his glass full of whiskey to the man that was sitting next to him. Erik was leaned back in the cushion of his chair with his arm stretched across the back. This was his spot, he was there every night. The only people that were allowed to sit there were the women he selected or the men that he thought were good enough to sit there.<br><br>

<b>”I wonder if there would be any more beauties here tonight.”</b> Erik’s eyes scanned the room around him. He liked to arrive a little bit earlier than the other people. The earlier times were better because than the beautiful women weren’t wasted and beyond any enjoyment from Erik. <b>”Tonight seems to be a bit slower than the others.”</b> Erik’s face turned to a frown in disappointment. He was upset that he hadn’t seen any women yet that took his breath away. But he was sure they would come soon.


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Jul 17 2014, 03:38 AM
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<b>FULL NAME:</b> Erik Lee Covington
<br><b>NICKNAMES:</b> None
<br><b>AGE:</b> 174, turned at 20
<br><b>GENDER:</b> Male
<br><b>SEXUALITY:</b> Hetero
<br><b>SPECIES:</b> Vampire
<br><b>DEGREE/OCCUPATION:</b> Security Guard at Belgrade
<br><b>YEAR OF STUDY:</b> N/A
<br><b>FACE CLAIM:</b> Colin O’Donoghue


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Working and living in nineteenth century America cannot be described as easy. The people had to farm their own food and make their own clothes. Large cities were almost nonexistent, and almost everybody owned slaves. If you didn’t have slaves it meant only one thing, you were poor and probably could barely make a living for yourself. The Covington family was no exception to this rule. They were an influential family during the revolution and used that power to build an enormous wealth. With this power that built a large plantation under them and owned over a hundred slaves in Mississippi.<br><br>

Nothing was strange or out of the ordinary while Erik was growing up. He was a privileged white male who was raised by a black slave-nanny, named Charlotte, and ate three large meals a day. He was the eldest son of the Covington family and the ways of his family he always believed were right. The white family owned the black people and the black people did all the hard work. It was the right way to live life.<br><br>

As Erik grew up there were times where he would play with the little black boys. But if one of the kids were to push Erik over he was sure to watch the lashings that occurred. If they hurt Erik they deserved to be hurt in return. He never realized the severity of the beatings that the little boys would get, but he knew that no matter what it most likely wasn’t enough. Charlotte would tell him that the boys shouldn’t have been beaten so because they did not mean to hurt Erik. Erik saw that as Charlotte taking the other boy’s side. This only deepened Erik’s wound. Charlotte and Erik were closer than most slave nannies to their children. He looked up to her for advice for almost anything and never talked to his mother or father about his problems. When Charlotte turned her back on him it was the ultimate betrayal. Erik tried to find reason behind her words but it only made him angrier. Before Erik could confront her she would start singing one of her lullaby’s that came from her mother’s homeland. She knew that the song soothed him and he would forgive her almost instantly. It was a rollercoaster relationship they had but he always knew he could rely on her.<br><br>

When Erik was about 15 he heard rumors of people in the northern states wanting to take away the slaves that the Covington family owned. This included Erik’s beloved slave-nanny, Charlotte. Even at his older age he still went to Charlotte for everything. She was growing older and it was becoming difficult for her to walk around on her own. Erik convinced his parents to let her live in the house with them again even though she was no longer taking care of children. They reluctantly agreed because they knew Erik would never let up until his nanny was safe again. <br><br>

After she moved in some of the other slaves grew jealous because none of them ever had the chance to live inside the master’s house. The Covington’s had enough white males working for them to prevent any riots, but that didn’t stop the slaves from harassing Charlotte. And one night a slave took violent action against Charlotte when she left the house for a quick walk. They knocked her frail body to the ground and beat her until she couldn’t get up again. By the time Erik heard Charlotte’s screamed and loaded a shotgun all he saw was one assailant running away. He aimed his gun for the slave’s back and before Charlotte could call out to him to stop he fired. The slave fell to the ground and never moved again. Erik ran to his nanny grabbing her hand and praying for her to be alright. She tried to mumble some words saying that he shouldn’t have killed that slave that the slave didn’t mean no harm. It angered Erik that Charlotte was beat almost to death and she still defended the other slaves. He began to yell at Charlotte, claiming that they did deserve it and he would never figure the slaves for what they did. During his yelling Charlotte mumbled <b>”There is good in you, boy.”</b> and then passed away at his feet. His yelling was stopped and tears began to fall from his eyes. He hated who did this to Charlotte and would make sure that the others would pay.<br><br>

The next day the slave that killed Charlotte was hanging by his neck in the middle of the field. The young Erik stood next to the body and announced that the amount of food given to the slaves would be cut and he would personally be giving out lashing to all the male slaves. Even if the slaves told who it was that beat Charlotte he was still going to hurt them all. They all hated his relationship with Charlotte and they all hated him. But he was the owner. He would soon be taking over his father’s plantation so it was time for him to take charge. They were <i>his</i> slaves and he could do whatever the hell he wanted to do with them.<br><br>

Erik finally turned 20 and that’s when the war had officially broken out. He was close to taking charge of his father’s plantation but that was going to be put on hold until the war was finished. Erik tried to convince his father to let him stay and not go into battle, and his father was going to let him. Then the government forced all the young men to take up arms. Erik was forced to go to the war even though he lacked any skills that could be useful. As he left he didn’t realize that that would be his last time ever seeing his home.<br><br>

The camp grounds that Erik stayed at were something that he was not used to. He grew up in a high-class life and now he was forced to sleep on the dirt in a tent surrounded by smelly men. When he tried to complain to get a better sleeping arrangement most of the men laughed in his face. He felt humiliated and he wanted to shoot all of them the way he shot that slave. He knew that if he did they would kill him and he valued his life more than he did theirs. He would wait and buy his time until he could get his revenge.<br><br>

The troop traveled long and far and Erik had no idea where they were in his relation to his home. Soon they arrived at this first battlefield. Erik did not know that this would also be his last battle for the war. Throughout the battle Erik did his best to hide from the enemy's line. He wanted to protect his rights to own slaves as much as the other guys, but he did not care to battle himself. As the battle was winding down with a win from his side Erik made his way away from the campsite. He threw down his hat, tore up the uniform shirt and became a deserter. He didn’t know where he was going or if he would survive the trip but he had to leave before things got uglier.<br><br>

Night fell on his first night away from camp and he was looking for somewhere to sleep. Erik stumbled upon a tiny little village that was made up of only a few houses. It excited him to know that there was civilization out in the middle of nowhere. By the shine of the lights he could tell that someone was home. Erik entered the door to what looked like a bar to see a pair of ugly men dressed in terrible clothes and a beautiful lady. The lady smiled at him and made him feel welcomed. Erik immediately walked up to her and felt compelled to bend at her will. It was the first time in Erik’s life that he felt like he was being controlled. But with her he did not care. He stayed up and drank with the lady while the men stared on. Erik was blind in love so he did not notice that the men kept licking their lips in Erik’s direction.<br><br>

The night was almost over and Erik could barely keep his eyes opened. The lady showed him to a room with a bed. Erik’s mind was so fuzzy from the alcohol he received that he could barely get himself to bed. As his eyes finally closed he saw the woman saying something but his brain could not interpret it. That was the last night Erik remembered as a human. During his sleep he had crazy dreams of the woman coming onto him in a sexual way. Erik enjoyed this dream because he would have liked to be with a woman as beautiful as she was.<br><br>

Erik’s dream took a dark turn when suddenly the woman attacked him and despite all his strength he could not fight the woman off of him. Erik let out a violent scream as he suddenly woke up. There was pain inside his entire body. He felt like he was on fire but he couldn’t move to put the fire out. The fire was consuming every organ and he could not escape it. All he could do was scream and pray that the pain would leave him. During this time he thought of Charlotte and how she would always tell him that no one deserved pain in any form. But did Erik deserve this torture? After the terrible things he had done he was sure this was going to be the end.<br><br>

After multiple agonizing days the pain subsided. Erik felt out of breath as he laid in the same bed the lady had left him in. His head was throbbing as he sat up in bed and he was <i>hungry</i>, but this was a hunger he had never experienced before. The lady reentered the room and repeatedly told him that he needed to eat, eat, eat something. She lead him out of the room and outside. Slowly she showed him how to hunt deer and how to suck the blood from its neck. His mind was still foggy so he followed her willingly. He didn’t understand why he needed to drink blood or why it tasted so good to him.<br><br>

Hours after showing him how to eat she broke down what she had done to him, what he was, and everything in between. Erik’s mind was finally becoming clear and he became angry. He took his anger out on the lady but he was too weak to do any damage to her. In his anger he ran as fast as he could from the lady. Once again he didn’t know where he was headed as long as he was getting away from her.<br><br>

Erik followed the smell of blood until it lead him back to the campsite of his former troop. On the first night he took his revenge on the men who laughed in his face. As he ripped open this necks in bloodlust he felt a strange power within him. He was stronger than everyone else and he could force them to do whatever he wanted. They would cower away from him and beg for forgiveness. Erik enjoyed seeing them grovel at his feet, it made him feel powerful. He could make anyone he wanted bend at his will.<br><br>

With his new renewed love for controlling people Erik decided he would leave the wretched land of the “free” and discover new lands. He used his vampire abilities to force people to give him what he wanted while traveling. He taveled on a boat for free, found at nice place to stay in Spain, and even forced a rich man to give over all of his wealth to Erik. Nothing could stop Erik’s power hungry quest. He was looking to get everything he wanted and stop at nothing. This also included women. He loved all shapes and sizes of women. If she was good in bed then she was good for him. Almost nothing compared to how Erik felt when he watched women bend to his will and give into him easily.<br><br>

There was on fascination that Erik had that he himself never quite understood. When he found an incredibly beautiful woman he wanted to preserve her in her beauty. He wanted to make her beautiful for the rest of her life. Turning the women into vampires was the only way he could make sure they were always beautiful. He was very selective about the women he chose to turn. Only the women that were unlike any others he had seen would he decide to preserve them. After he changed them he would force them to stay with him. He taught them everything he needed to know about being vampires, just like how the lady taught him. When he was done if he grew bored of them he would let them go or he would force them to stay around. Not many succeed in trying to escape from him.<br><br>

After living in Spain for almost 100 years Erik decided it was time for a change. He packed up his riches and vampire women and moved to the neighboring country of France. The French were new and different to him and he grew tired of his current following. He let all of them go and went searching for more women. Even though the women were beautiful he couldn’t find one that he truly wanted to change and keep. He went out almost every night searching for a woman and it took years for him to finally find her.<br><br>

Erik decided to go to one club that he visited frequently and in walked the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had curves in every right direction, full lips that asked to be kissed by him, and fiery red hair unlike he had seen before. Erik sat in his usual spot at the club, alone, and stared the woman down. She would come when the time was right. And it didn’t take long for her to approach him.<br><br>

That night they were together multiple times throughout the night. Erik knew that she was the one he wanted to preserve. He tried to tell her what was going to happen but she seemed confused as most girls were. He took pleasure in her curiosity of the unknown and used the opportunity to change her. Over the following days he stayed with her waiting for her to complete the transformation. It didn’t take her long and when she was done he showed her the ropes of being a vampire. He taught her everything she needed to know. And during their time together he didn’t lust after other women, he continued to lust after Lyona and her fiery personality. Their relationship always felt new and fresh to him every time they were together in bed. But it was the personality of hers that drove her away from him.<br><br>

One day she finally escaped from him and left Erik stunned and confused. No woman had ever left him before, she was the first. Erik’s confusion soon turned into rage. She couldn’t leave him, she had no right. She was <i>his</i> and he was going to get her back no matter what it took. Erik traced her trail and after a couple years he found that she was now at a university for supernatural beings. Perfect, Erik would have the chance to fit right in. He looked into the university and knew that he was no teacher and refused to be a student and listen to people younger than him. His only other option was to be a nighttime security guard. Erik was fine with that job because he lived and breathed the night and it would give him an opportunity to stalk the school to find Lyona and take her back.


<div style="font-family: mangal; font-size: 10px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #4F4F4F; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify; width: 400px;">
<b>YOUR ALIAS:</b> Kati <3
<br><b>TIMEZONE:</b> EST -5
<br><b>CONTACT:</b> skype me: sarah-the-kati
<br><b>GENDER:</b> Still female
<br><b>ANYTHING ELSE:</b> I’m out of witty things to say here, but I hope you enjoy him!


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