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Aug 24 2014, 03:01 AM
So yeah, I'm a theatre kid if that wasn't obvious ;P anyway, I have some news! I auditioned for a show at my university on Wednesday and turns out I must have something right because I got casted! I'm super excited because I've been at our school's theatre for the past 3 years, working backstage, and this is going to be my first time on stage! I know activity has been generally low for the entire site but this show is going to be taking up most of my time. But I will still be at work so I get bored there and usually sit around on the site, so I won't be away for too long! Oh, and my classes are very reading heavy so I have to read a lot of things so that will also be taking up my time.

I love you all! And I really hope we can all pick the activity back up soon smile.gif
Aug 2 2014, 01:53 AM
[dohtml]<div style="-moz-border-radius: 20px; -webkit-border-radius:20px 20px 20px 20px; width: 420px; border: 3px solid #93606f; text-align: center;">i don't want to battle from beginning to end<br>

<br><center><div style= "width:400px; text-align:justify"><br><br>

How did Phoena get to this point? She remembered having a terrible night filled with her crying for no good reason and curled up in a ball on her bed. There were many nights when this happened to her and she couldn’t stop it. Every night it happened she begged for the feeling to go away but it was impossible. She could chase it away by distracting herself but it always came back and each time it was stronger. She would lay there and want for the feeling to go away and it never did. So Phoena decided to look up online about how to get rid of her pain. The best suggestion seemed to be alcohol. Alcohol was something that Phoena had never had before in her life, she wasn’t even sure what it tasted like or why it was the best option to get rid of her pain. All Phoena had seen were the reactions people had to it in movies and they always seemed happy after they had some. She decided that tonight she was going to give it a try.<br><br>

The night had started off normal with Phoena ordering these things called “shots” and asking the people around her what was the best thing for her to buy. One by one she drank almost everything they suggested. She appreciated the fact that they wanted to help her with her lack of knowledge with alcohol. But she didn’t realize that after five shots, two mixed drinks, and only one hour that she was going to be feeling…<i>weird</i>. Everything in her mind was slowly going blank and the world seemed to be tilting in a way that she knew wasn’t normal. The worse the feeling got the nicer the people around her were and the more relaxed Phoena felt. They were all laughing and having a good time. Phoena was so captivated by the stories they had to tell and the jokes they gave that Phoena didn’t notice when the people were touching her. The men that were telling her jokes playfully touched her shoulder and her knees, but she didn’t mind.<br><br>

Phoena was never a girl that loved to dress up for do her makeup. But night she decided to try out a new outfit of hers and do her hair. Her blond locks were usually twisted in tight, puffy curls that she couldn’t tame. Tonight she straightened it for the first time and added in softer curls. It was something new and when she left her flat she wasn’t sure if it even looked good. The men at the bar told her that she looked beautiful, which was the first time she ever heard that from anyone. It must have meant that she was looking really good that night and her mission to make herself look presentable was accomplished.<br><br>

For the first time in Phoena’s life she didn’t mind being touched. She enjoyed the fact that she could joke around with people and let them touch her playfully without her being bothered. It was a good feeling knowing that she was finally comfortable. She felt like she could do anything she wanted at this point. Climb mountains, swim across lakes, or maybe get with one of the cute guys at the bar, who cared because Phoena surely didn’t. Tonight she was going to live her life without the pain and sorrow she normally felt.

<br>i don't want to follow death and all his friends<br>
Jul 26 2014, 08:49 PM
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- - Kane

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eighteen » light elf » trouble maker

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So I think it would be a great time for Phoena's little sister to make an appearance. I don't have much information about her, but you can read a brief overview about what the whole family is like, here.
The name is flexible but I would recommend having a kind strange or unique name, considering how weird Phoena's name is I don't think the parents would have tortured one child. But I do not care if she decides to go by a simpler nickname.The pb is also flexible just as long as its a blond and young looking girl and could possibly pass as Phoena's sister. I would like to recommend Claudia Lee (!!!she is pictured and definitely my fav!!!) and Gabriella Wilde. <br><br>

The only thing I have set in my mind is her personality. If they had a normal upbringing this girl would be considered the "wild child". She decides to follow Phoena's path and enter the world. But instead of being afraid of her emotions like Phoena she embraces them. Pretty much meaning if she wants to do something she is going to do it. Even though Phoena has been out in the real world longer her sister picks up on things much faster and therefore its easier for her to adapt. This causes problems between the sisters because Phoena's sister is more comfortable around people. The problem between them starts because Phoena envies her sister and all the things she can do without being afraid. A big point is that her <i>little</i> sister looks older than she does and is "sexier". So Phoena can get jealous easily, but her sister gets jealous right back. Anything that Phoena has she must also have. Also, her sister likes to like men and is a bit more looser than Phoena is.<br><br>

In the end Phoena and her sister are very close, even though they envy one another for different reasons. Her sister likes to call Phoena "Fee" or "Fee-Fee" to mess around. They like to joke and have a good time with one another. But I'm sure trouble will come when her sister starts to move in on Phoena's territory.

Jul 25 2014, 01:13 PM
[dohtml]<div style="-moz-border-radius: 20px; -webkit-border-radius:20px 20px 20px 20px; width: 420px; border: 3px solid #93606f; text-align: center;">i don't want to battle from beginning to end<br>

<br><center><div style= "width:400px; text-align:justify"><br><br>

Phoena began to run around frantically through her dorm. She was…cleaning. Of all things even she couldn’t believe that she was cleaning at this moment. Her other flatmates were all absent at the moment and there was stuff throughout the flat. It wasn’t very <i>dirty</i> but it was definitely messier than what Phoena had wanted. Actually what she wanted was for Luke to not come over at all. She didn’t mean any harm in her text and yet he insisted on coming over. And after their first encounter she was sure he was really about to come over just to spite her. Now here she was running and trying to straighten up around the flat and in her room. Even if Luke arrived soon she didn’t plan on letting him in or near her room, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try.<br><br>

Phoena was so caught up in making sure everything looked neat and clean that she forgot two major things: to change out of her lazy clothes and to lock the front door. Immediately she had to pick between which two would be the worse of two evils. Her clothes were simple but could be a little scandalous to others. She was wearing really short boy shorts and a loose fitting tank-top that had one of those built-in bras in it so Phoena wasn’t wearing an actual bra. A blush quickly took over her entire face. In Luke saw her like this she couldn’t imagine the things he would say to her. But on the other hand if she didn’t lock the door in time he could walk in on her changing which would make things even worse.<br><br>

It was decided that Phoena would lock the front door. She wasn’t sure how long it had been since Luke said he was coming over, but it could have been at any second. Phoena rushed to the front door hoping to make it in time. But just as she was about to reach the door the door opened and Phoena froze in her place with wide eyes, waiting to see who was the one opening the door.

<br>i don't want to follow death and all his friends<br>
Jul 24 2014, 01:46 PM
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Hey Luke! Do you know what the fox says????

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