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Aug 13 2014, 05:26 PM

#lancea {position:relative;box-sizing:border-box;width:450px;height:400px;background:#000;border-right:100px solid #000;overflow:hidden;}
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<link href='|Mr+De+Haviland|Monsieur+La+Doulaise|Cinzel' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

<div id=lancea><div class=lanced></div>
<div class=lanceb><span class=dropcap>H</span>ades Artagnan
<span class=smallcap>ancient demon king</span></div>
<div class=lanceinner><div class=lancee>HADES</div>
<div class=lancef>better to reign over hell than serve heaven</div>
<div class=lanceg>5000+▲ love interest ▲ dark </div>
<div class=lanceh>

<p>My mind walks faster than I am capable of running, so when it finally slowed down, this idea was embedded into my head and stuck there like a barnacle clinging to life on the side of a pier. It wouldn't stop fan-girling to me about how a Hades and Persephone love story/plot in the form of supernatural species would be simply amazing and absolutely to die for. (Also, me talking about this with Elyiz over skype solidified the idea even more. So thank you to her for helping me out with this.) If you are familiar with the myth, then I would image this sort of plot would be rated M for mature. Although, Beauty and the Beast is kind of similar to this Greek Myth love story thing, so I'm sure when can put some of that in to this estranged love story plot.</p>

<p>Usually I would be all over the dark characters, but I kind of want a change of pace and decided to steal Persephone; as none of my characters are soft like her. I was planning on making Persephone a gifted human with a plant manipulation power, that way it sort of resembles the actual Persephone, who was, not only known as queen of the underworld, but also known as the goddess of spring growth. I decided to make Persephone human, that way the myth/story/plot could start from the very beginning, when she catches Hades' eye and he decides that he can no longer live without her in his life and formulate plans to kidnap her and keep her forever. </p>

<p>In my head, Hades is a demon, mainly because I feel the whole vampire becoming obsessed with a human and changing her because he loves her and just can not live without her is a little over used. Furthermore, I feel like his personality would be more closely related to that of a demons. Plus, if Hades does decide that he wants to make Persephone an immortal, I'm sure he can get a vampire to do the job for him. Which, ultimately leaves room for bigger plots and more Drama, especially if the one that turns Persephone does not want to hand her over to Hades once she is turned. And if your worried about him being a Demon and not being able to handle a newborn vampire, then my shaky logic says that he is old enough to know the ropes of a vampire and probably would not let anyone else be that close to her.</p>

<p>Anyway, I see Hades as a demon who is ancient and has many strong ties with other supernaturals, mostly the ones whose families are old and slightly well known. Kind of like a mafia boss type or gang leader, he's probably running a dirty organization underground in the supernatural community. He has his fingers in so many different pies and affirs, that he may as well rule the underworld, hence, him being the ancient demon king. (but that's just a suggestion and what I think) I see him as being some what cold and a little aloof. Definitely, a bit cruel and a aggressive. Maybe even controlling or bossy with hints of jealous possessiveness. But you can give or take whatever you like because this is based off of a myth. Feel free to give him traits that you think the actual Hades would have. Though, i would imagine those traits being toned down a bit after Persephone comes into the picture. </p>

<p>I'm going to use, Imogen Poots for the face of Persephone, I also wanted to make her fairly young, as in eighteen, nineteen, or twenty. For me, in my head, Hades might be a little older looking, while Persephone is quite youthful and young looking. But it doesn't have to be this way if you don't want it to. You can chose who ever you want for a face claim, however, I don't want a face too young. Henrey Cavill, Luke Evans, Richard Armitage, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Michael Fassbender, and an older Gaspard Ulliel are just some suggestions. And of corse the name is open, as well. Feel free to do with that what you will. (:

<div class="scredit"><a href="">◆ </a><a href="">skye</a><a href=""> ◆</a></div>
Jul 7 2014, 06:07 AM
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<div style="width:250px;height:350px;background-color:#fff;border-bottom:20px solid #404040;border-left:20px solid #1d1d1d;">
<div id="louhaz"><div class="page">

<img src=""width="250"height="350">


<img src=""width="250"height:"150">
<div style="width:250px;background-color:#b8b8b8;font-family:Fjalla One;font-size:30px;color:#1d1d1d;line-height:110%;text-align:center;">LEROY JAMES PETROV
<div style="width:230px;height:150px;text-align:justify;overflow:auto;color: #1d1d1d;padding:10px;">

<center>Naiad Nymph
<p>Age 68 to 73
<p>Older Brother</center>

<p>Face Claim /// Open, but I see him as Matthew Gray Gulber
<p>Name /// Open with Petrov as the last name. for the sake of the add I am calling him Leroy.
<p>History /// 1/2 Open, see Cyrus Braxton Petrov's history for more details and guidelines
<p>Occupation /// Open, though in the history it says he owns successful restaurant, I don't mind changing it if you see him as working as something else

<p>Personality /// still open, and flexible, but there are some traits I see Leroy having. Traits like, being labeled the nice guy, having high intelligent, pushover and some self-confidence issues. But like I said that is totally flexible, there is no need to have all of those traits.

<p>Relationship /// Cyrus is basically Leroy's crutch and teddy bear. Cyrus has always been the babied favorite of the family, the brothers were on great terms before Leroy moved away to attend Belgrade University, causing Cyrus to feel abandoned and forgotten because he never came back from Belgrade.

<p>Years later, Cyrus decided to attend Uni and met up with his brother who was already doing very well for himself because of the business/job and all. Cyrus intended to confront his brother and but ended up starting a fight and never apologizing for it. He still comes around his brother's place asking for money and attention. His brother always gives in because he doesn't have the guts to tell him no and because he loves him and because he is scared of having another fight and never him seeing again. (or something like that, its up to you)</div></div></td>
<div style="width:250px;height:350px;background-color:#fff;border-top:20px solid #404040;border-right:20px solid #1d1d1d;">
<div id="louhaz"><div class="page">

<img src=""width="250"height="350">


<img src=""width="250"height:"150">
<div style="width:250px;background-color:#1d1d1d;font-family:Fjalla One;font-size:30px;color:#b8b8b8;line-height:110%;text-align:center;">MIN JEE HANA CHO
<div style="width:230px;height:150px;text-align:justify;overflow:auto;color: #1d1d1d;padding:10px;">
<center>Gifted Human
<p>Age 18 to 21
<p>Character Adoption</center>

<p>Face Claim /// Open, but I see her as someone of oriental origins. I used Seohyun from Girl's Generation
<p>Name /// Open. They don't usually use middle names in Korea, but I have four names up there. Min Jee is considered one whole name. It means brightness and wisdom. I'm gonna lay Min Hee (brightness and pleasure) on the table too; that way all the Americans can mispronounce it and call her Minnie, something I can see her being okay with.
<p>History /// Open. Foreign exchange student from Korea that is here in Belgrade to attend University. In Korea, Min Jee, is considered upper class, very very rich, and Heir to a very large Fashion Magazine or Fashion Company
<p>Occupation /// To be honest, I already see Min Jee as a fashion student learning to creature and design clothes. She could also be studying journalism in order to get more familiar with the writing magazine process. But since you are adopting the character, you can change Min Jee however you please.
<p>Gifted Power /// I haven't thought much about this, but i was thinking of something along the lines of it being a mental based ability. I'm not sure if there is a proper word for this so I'll just explain to the best of my ability. Min Jee is capable of making whatever she thinks about, imaginative or not, and projecting it outwards so that whatever is on her mind becomes real and tangible. <p>For example, if she was thinking about a blue butterfly, Min Jee would have to concentrate really hard in order for that butterfly to appear and flutter around. She would have to be very detailed and careful, because if something is missing, then it would also be missing on the butterfly. <p>But her ability does not have to be limited to living objects and organisms; in fact I see Min Jee using it more to change the color of a skirt or create a head band. More for everyday little things, especially when it comes to wardrobe Really vain and not so important things. <p>I can also see this as being able to change and object that already exists, or maybe that is her ability if you drop the whole projecting stuff from the mind into real life. Take a simple colored blue shirt for example, if Min Jee does not like the color or the long sleeves, then she can just hold the item, close her eyes, and think of how she wants to change that item. She pictures the long sleeved blue shirt as a yellow tank top and the blue shirt suddenly changes into what the exact item she is thinking of; right down to the very last detail.

<p>Personality /// Min Jee is a sweet, but very spoiled rotten girl who spends money like no tomorrow. She views the world as a run way and the people as her audience. For her, Life is meant to be lived to the fullest with no regrets, which is why she wears her best all the time, even if no one is around. She has a passion for fashion and isn't afraid to show it. She is an avid shopper and texter. Even though she has lived in Korea for her whole life, she is fluent in the English langue. There might be a little accent, but some would still say she speaks the langue better than any native could.
<p>She can be quite the chatter box and loves to make new friends. I see her as the type of friend that would do the other's make up and approve all outfits before going somewhere. She is the type of friend that other's would want to go to for fashion and make up advice. She is the girl you want to shop with because her sense of style is amazing.
<p>Although sweet and friendly, Min Jee, is very involved in the on goings of other people. She enjoys gossip and rumors, but would never spread something about a close friend. She may or may not be able to keep a juicy secret, so beware of what you tell her. She can be nosy and loves to be in the loop. She hates being slow and being left behind. Tardiness is never an option. She likes to be kept up to date and informed so she's always got the latest news paper and magazine and tabloid on her tablet, which she never leaves home without, along with her life line, the cell phone.
<p>That's just what I had in mind, feel free to change and add whatever you like as you see fit, (:
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<div style="width:500px;text-align:right;"><a href="">FOXX</a></div>

Jun 17 2014, 01:28 AM
[dohtml]<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><style type="text/css">.bing { height:275px; overflow:auto; }
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.bing::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { width:5px; height:5px; background-color: #da4658; }</style>
<center><div style='width:425px; background-color:dddddd; padding:20px 40px 0px 20px;'><div style='width:405px; padding:20px; background-color:white; border-bottom:20px solid #da4658;'><div style='text-align:center; font-family:pacifico; font-size:45px; padding-bottom:25px; color:white; text-shadow:-1px 0 #da4658, 0 1px #da4658, 1px 0 #da4658, 0 -1px #da4658;'>eye of the tiger</div><div style='text-align:justify; font-family:arial; font-size:7px; letter-spacing:0px; text-transform:uppercase; color:999999; line-height:1em; padding:0px 10px 8px 10px;'>---------- I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
'Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
'Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
you held me down, but i got up
already brushing off the dust
you hear my voice, you hear that sound
like thunder gonna shake the ground
--------</div><table cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'><tr><td><a href=""><img src=""></a></td><td><div style='width:5px;'></div></td><td><div style='width:200px; background-color:white; border-top:10px solid #dddddd; border-bottom:10px solid #dddddd; padding:5px 0px 5px 0px;'><div class="bing"><div style='text-align:justify; font-family:arial; font-size:11px; color:999999; line-height:1em; padding-right:3px;'>

<p>Tessa is feisty, wild, and independent by nature. Opposed to the general role of the lioness, Tessa refuses to ever be with someone who lays around all day while she does all of the work. Not that she’s lazy. Tessa is in fact very motivated in her goals. When Tessa believes in a goal she is all in, using everything in her arsenal to get the job done. Looks, sex appeal, bait of other kinds, blackmail, promises, whatever needs to get done. If it’s for a higher purpose in her eyes that’s all that matters to her.</p>

<p>She is cunning and often develops long term plans that she generally sees through flawlessly. She is competitive by nature and views shifters as the top of the food chain. Reluctantly, she can often see the useful points in many other supernatural beings, but she often perceives these gifts as a threat to herself or her own kind. She is not currently interested in romance of any kind. Although she can appreciate the physicality of a hot guy, she won’t allow herself to trust someone so blindly as most lovers do.</p>

<p>For a non Shifter it may take a lot of work to get past her many barriers of trust, but if you ever do get there it’s worth it. Because no one messes with Tessa’s loved ones. With so few to look out for, every single one counts. She currently trusts very few beings in this world, though that doesn’t stop her from being sociable with beings that she views as a means to an end or whom she identifies with.</p>

<p>Tessa may have good goals, but she is no angel. She does what she feels she has to according to her own sets of rules and morals. While she may have fears and vulnerabilities, she also has confidence, a plan, and a dominating personality that causes one to wonder why the lion is the king of the jungle, when the lioness is the one who’s truly ruling it?</p>

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