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Alias: AceShot
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Character Age: 150 [Looks 19]
Lyrics: This is who I am,/I wish you’d understand,/It’s time to set me free,/My Guardian Angel,/No! (No!),/No matter what I do,/I’m still a part of you,/I hope you’ll always be,/My Guardian Angel
Degree/Occupation: Theology/Poetry
Character Gender: Female
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<br><div style="width 400px; font-family: mangal; font-size: 10px; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 3px; color: #4F4F4F; text-align: center;">&bull; 150 &bull; ANGEL &bull; THEOLOGY/POETRY &bull;</div>


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<b>FULL NAME:</b> Rachella Kiera Carter
<br><b>NICKNAMES:</b> Rach [Friends and Family], Rachel [most commonly], Kiera, and Ms. Carter.
<br><b>AGE:</b> 150 [ But looks 19]
<br><b>GENDER:</b> female
<br><b>SEXUALITY:</b> heterosexual
<br><b>SPECIES:</b> Angel
<br><b>DEGREE/OCCUPATION:</b> Major: Theology; Minor: Poetry
<br><b>YEAR OF STUDY:</b> First
<br><b>FACE CLAIM:</b> Shay Mitchell


<div style="font-family: mangal; font-size: 10px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #4F4F4F; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify; width: 400px;">
When you first meet Rachella, You can almost tell she's an angel. She's a sweet, kind, fairl loving girl. Her mother taught the younger girl everything she knew, from manners to posture; from greetings to walking properly. Rachel often holds an aura of softness about her, yet it's surrounded with an air of confidence, but not ignorance. Her kind nature often causes her to try and be friends with everyone and everything. She would sit in a meadow and just listen to the sounds of the wind rustling the trees, or the crickets chirping in the grass. Unlike most girls, Rachel will allow bugs to crawl on her. Normally, an ant will crawl up her leg or a grasshopper will bound over to sit on her shoulder. She's very in tune with everything around her. She has a couple pets, as they could be called. She's known to take in stray dogs and cats, feed rabbits and even take care of neglected horses. She's saved quite a couple lives, both animal and human, just being at the right place at the right time. She's talked many friends out of suicide and helped many others out of depression. Her mother and father are quite proud to have such a brilliant young girl.
Rachel doesn't normally have a temper, but when she does get angry, She's not a force to be reckoned with. She can be extremely headstrong and probably one of the only angels, who will threaten you with his lordship's name. Her temper has a reputation of scaring people, which is often surprising to many. She's still young, but she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her dear mentor, Isander or Raphael. He's kind yet firm with her, which is what a mentor should be. She normally listens to orders, given to her, but she has her moments of rebellious nature.
Overall, Rachel is a fairly honest and kind girl, which makes anyone her friend. She loves making friends with anyone and everyone, including animals. She hates being on someone's bad side.
History: <br>
Rachella Kiera was the only child to Sarah and Connor Carter, who were ecstatic to have a baby girl, they could shower with affection and love. Rachella, or Rachel as she was commonly known as, grew up as an only child, but never sopiled. Her parents weren't wealthy, and lived in a small home, just outside of where Belgrade was to settle.
As a child, Rachel was bullied for her kind-hearted nature. Instead of allowing the bullies to get to her, Rachel put on a brave face and smiled through it all. Despite this, Rachel grew into a beautiful, confident, young women she was today. Her mother and father were pleased to hear she made fairly high marks in school and never missed a class.She stayed young as her classmates grew older, outliving them as her sad eyes watched them turn to dust. She never thought of settling down as she felt she was still too young for that.
At the age of 89, Rachela had received her first kiss. She had been on a date with a young man, definitely cute, but Rachel had only accepted out of guilt, not wanting to hurt the young boy's feelings by rejecting him. They went to a movie, drove home, kissed and Rachel never saw him again. Last she had heard, He had gotten married 25 years ago. Rachel was happy for him and delighted to hear they had been gifted with three children.
She was still living at home with her mother and father, in which she had the urge to move out, to branch out from her roots and take wings. Her father and mother were slightly upset to hear this, but they understood and allowed Rachel to get a job and begin looking for places at the age of 120. Rachel met Isander when she was 140. The pair had clicked upon first meeting, which prompted Rachel's parents to ask if Isander would be willing to mentor Rachel, just to have someone, who would look out for her. Isander was happy to take the young girl under his wing as he was to be teaching Theology in Belgrade University. Rachel immediately applied and within a couple days, she was accepted. She cancelled the rent on her apartment, settling to live in one of the lovely dorms. Rachel was extremely excited to go back to school. Excited to see what adventures lie within the halls of Belgrade University.


<div style="font-family: mangal; font-size: 10px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #4F4F4F; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify; width: 400px;">
<b>YOUR ALIAS:</b> AceShot
<br><b>TIMEZONE:</b> Mountain
<br><b>CONTACT:</b> PM or Chat
<br><b>GENDER:</b> Female!
<br><b>ANYTHING ELSE:</b>Woot, Woot! Second character! Yes, I will be getting Nemi up as well...


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