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sullivan clarise cobbald


FULL NAME: Sullivan Clarice Cobbald
NICKNAMES: Sully / Amarya (Given name)
AGE: 20 (Elven Years)
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
DEGREE/OCCUPATION: Computer Science Major
YEAR OF STUDY: Second Year
FACE CLAIM: Miranda Kerr

It's difficult to grow up feeling lost and alone. It's even more difficult when you know you don't belong. Sully spent the majority of her childhood cloaked in an ever present shroud of self loathing. Disgust for oneself does not happen over night, it builds slowly on itself through repeated disappointments and constant solitude. What Sully lacked was not loving parents, a high IQ, nor exquisite features, but a normalcy that came natural to children her own age. There are few things more disheartening for a pre-teen than to stare at ones own reflection and not understand why others cower away from it. Her charm and beauty were lost amongst the cloud of discomfort others felt in her presence. Like some who seem to radiate so much light and optimism that it seems impossible they could be anything but lovely, Sully carried around a musk of fear, uncertainty, and darkness which only seemed to grow with each passing year.
It was the daily occurrences that created the most scars. Rooms wept at her entrance as the happiness was pressed out by the cold emptiness surrounding Sully. People fled in flocks, unsure of why her closeness only brought them deep despair and malicious thoughts. Home, her solace for sixteen years, brought her only pain at the eventual realization that her parents had begun to feel the oddity too. It was the moment when the broken girl wept that her parents revealed the truth. Sully did not belong. She was not a part of this world they brought her up in.

With the few clues she had obtained from the ones who had raised her, Sully set out on the path that would eventually lead to her salvation. Months of wandering through small towns, clutching merely a photograph and two names, came to a close on the outskirts of treacherous forest. Sully listened intently as a young woman shed light on the mysteries of her birth. Sullivan Clarice Cobbald was born Amarya Taleth, the only begotten daughter of two dark elves. The family had been traveling across state when they were struck head on by another vehicle. With no identification Sullivan had been taken in to state custody and released to the Cobbald's who were in desperate want of a child. Sully's development proved problematic as her nature was allowed to grow unkempt due to lack of training. Her affinity for darkness had grown stronger through the constant reinforcement that she was different.

While no amount of time could erase the scars marked upon her soul, for the first time in a long time, Sully begun to find herself. Discovering that she was not the only one who found comfort in the dark, or was sometimes plagued by strange and terrible thoughts helped her to release the sadness that kept her from mastering her aura. Her innate curiosity and passion forced her to reenter society, but this time armed with the tools necessary to make it so she would never have to feel less of herself again.


Passionate... Sully is inquisitive in the extreme. Her bouts of loneliness and depression in her early age drove her to literature and science to quench the thirst deep inside. Unlike most individuals who are passionate about a specific subject or cause because it is the right thing to do, or because they feel personally effected by it, Sully can be passionate about anything. Sully can be passionate about anything merely because her motivation stems from the desire to succeed. Her every action is a direct cause from the simple fact that she has the ability to do it. A psychoanalysis of Sully would more than likely show that her perfection seeking behavior is a result of her inadequacy in youth.

Charming... It's easy to be charming when you're beautiful. It's even easier to be charming when you have the ability to control people's emotions. Sully is unable to bend people's minds or will in the typical sense, but her mastery over what she affectionately dubs, 'her darkness', allows her to provide just enough incentive to fall in love with her. Her crooked smile and dimples scream 'trust me' while her cloudy blue eyes speak softly 'I dare you not to'.

Temperamental... Sully is a firecracker. Her meekness departed with the last shred of self pity she had for herself. Spending time with her kind allowed her to accept that nothing that hurt her in her childhood was her fault, it was merely society's treatment of those seen as different. That does not, however, mean she was willing to forgive and forget. Sully's cool, controlled demeanor can switch off at a moment's notice with the right provocation.

Vain... Pretentious, shallow, and more often than not, arrogant, Sully takes extreme pride in appearances. This is not a trait she seems to share with other elves, but seems to be another outcome of her past. For as long as she could remember, Sully had believed if she just had the right hair, or the right clothes, or the right makeup, she would be accepted. Now her appearance is just another tool for her to achieve her goals.

Immature... With a multitude of life experiences behind her, one would believe Sully had grown up. At twenty years young she should be capable of making mature decisions. Twenty, however, is young for an elf, and this especially rings true with Sully. She is rash and impulsive, frequently making decisions with very little care or thought of the consequences. With so many experiences still new to her, her inner child escapes like a banshee. This uninhibited state of mind does not frequently last long as a more stoic demeanor eventually resumes.

Flirtatious... Sully does not believe in love. She does not believe in romance or flowers or one other person being the only person you would ever belong with. Sully believes in fun, and most importantly, she believes that if you think someone else could be someone you could have fun with, you best not have another guy keeping you from that fun. Most of the time her flirting is harmless, a task made easy by batting her eyelashes and smiling sweetly.

GENDER: Female
ANYTHING ELSE: I haven't done this in a while so let's see how this goes.


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