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 how do you technology?, -lily-
 Posted: Jul 31 2014, 01:41 PM

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Books and stories had been Lily's solace as a child, especially after winding up in an orphanage. When she had been a little girl her mother had read her stories, and as soon as she was able to, Lily had began to read herself. After moving into the orphanage, her first night had consisted of her huddled under her thin blanket, with her favourite Harry Potter book and a flashlight to read it by. Since then, her love for literature had grown. It had been a place she could escape to when growing up in all those dismal orphanages, and she could always forget her true situation when losing herself in a story. She had tried her hand at writing once, but her true talents lay in analysing literature. She had started to analyse books by herself - unintentionally - and it wasn't until she was seventeen and in high school that a teacher had suggested she may wish to consider literature as her major. Up until that very point the thought hadn't even crossed her mind to study the subject she was so good at. "I can help you," Lily promised with a smile. Suddenly, she gasped, "I know! I can suggest to you a book you can read every month or something, if you'd like?" Most of Lily's friends would blanch at an offer like that, but if Phoena really did want to learn, Lily wouldn't be surprised if she accepted it.

Luckily for Lily, she had always been a semi-confident person (that confidence only growing into something secure and familiar once she had started at Belgrade), and so people had never attempted to patronise her or tease her. At least, not when she'd grown older. Her days at the orphanage had been full of bullying and teasing, but when she hit her mid-teens and it was clear the comments didn't affect her (at least, on the outside they didn't) people tended to leave Lily alone. Now, at Belgrade, without the prejudices she'd faced as a teenager, Lily did not have to worry about being bullied or dealing with awful people. She wondered what it was like for Phoena - Lily wasn't stupid, she knew that Phoena probably had to deal with far more ignorant and disgusting people than what was acceptable, but she didn't know whether it upset Phoena or not. "There's no need to thank me," she answered Phoena, slightly relieved as the elf took the conversation into a new direction. "I'm sure you'll be a good tutor, but I'm pretty sucky at maths, so don't be sad if I still fail at it," she laughed. Rolling her eyes jokingly at Phoena's words and wink, she laughed again in response, "I have to agree with you there. You'd win the ... win the award for most awkward student and elf in Belgrade? I don't know," she shook her head at the nonsense spewing from her own mouth.

Once again Lily was hating herself for putting off an essay so much, but she could never say no to hanging out with a friend. All nighters were nothing new to her, and so she made a mental note to make sure there was enough coffee in her flat for the night ahead. "Yup, we can go, two secs," Lily flashed a smile at her friend as she stood up to gather her belongings together. She hastily saved what little work she had achieved in her time in the library, and piled her books into a messy pile. She pushed as many as she could into her bag, slinging the strap over her shoulder before picking up the rest of her books in her arms. "So, what do you want for lunch?" she asked, slowly making her way back to where Phoena sat. Lily had given up lowering her tone over ten minutes ago, and she was still receiving dirty glances from those around them, but they also looked relieved at not having to deal with Lily and Phoena for much longer.

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 Posted: Aug 1 2014, 12:50 PM

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Phoena’s eyes widen with excitement when Lily mentioned suggesting books to her. Phoena was a sucker for reading and finding out new stories. Where she was from, she never had access to the wealth of books that people around here had. She liked to a lot in her free time, which was that often. And most of the time she had to spend trying to find a good book to read. There were so many interesting stories out there that she had never heard about and was dying to learn more. ”I would love that!” Phoena bounced her in chair in excitement. It would be much easier on her if she had someone to suggest the good stories for her. ”I love books about fantasy.” Phoena said while giving Lily a wink. She would try any book that Lily threw at her, but she would like to have a little bit of input. Fantasy books, so far, had been the stories she enjoyed most.

Things had been difficult for Phoena even before she came to the school. Not only was she awkward at school but she was also awkward back at home. Her parents made sure that she lived her life completely sheltered. Around the other kids in the village Phoena was still awkward and afraid to do anything with them. Her parents were stricter on her then the rest of the parents in the village. That possibly could have been due to the fact that Phoena always liked to try to escape whenever she had the chance even at a young age. Her parents saw in her something that was unlike all the other children, she didn’t belong. But that didn’t mean her parents weren’t going to try and force her to stay. It took all the courage in Phoena to finally run away from her home, knowing that she could never return. ”I think I could win best awkward all around.” A small sigh left Phoena’s lips. She knew just how awkward she was and she hated it. But changing herself would be close to impossible. ”I will graciously accept my award.” Phoena gave a fake bow to Lily as if she were already receiving the award.

Phoena watched Lily closely as she gathered her things. Phoena had already packed her things because she was ready to be rid of her homework. ”Anything is fine with me.” Phoena stood up and her stomach immediately made a loud growling noise. The blush returned to her cheeks as she looked around the room to see if anyone had noticed. The people in the room seemed to become disinterested in what Phoena and Lily were doing know, except for the few that still decided to glare. ”I think I am hungrier than I thought.” Phoena leaned forward to whisper her sentence to Lily. After she spoke she reached down and slid the straps to her backpack on her shoulders. Her eyes were still glancing around the room, watching the people carefully. ”Is there any place you would like to go?” Phoena started to walk towards the exit of the library. Another trait she did not like about herself was that she was very indecisive and relied on other people to make decisions for her. She hoped that Lily would be able to think of a place to eat. ”As long as it is on the cheap side I can eat almost anywhere.”

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