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 Settling In: The Entrance of Dauphin, Open to any/all Flat One Apollo Dormates
 Posted: Jun 28 2014, 04:14 PM

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Today was a big day for Dauphin Oceanus Sevenwaters. With the disappearance of his father and sister, not to mention having been severely bullied, and mentally screwed with for practically his whole life, he was hoping to finally catch a break with this whole college thing.

Of course as Fin was in control at the moment, that did not seem likely. Fin, by this point in his life was rather terrified of everybody. He’d barely gotten over fearing his mother recently when his other half had given him this opportunity to study what he wanted. Art, in any form, was Fin’s greatest happiness.

Sure he enjoyed learning in general, but Art was his true passion. Being able to create something beautiful from so little. Being able to take what others saw as garbage or waste or little blobs of color and turn them into something that truly spoke to people’s hearts. In a way that spoke to and for him. Fin enjoyed all kinds of art from simply sketches to painting and sculpting and all the way to the performing arts, although the later he hoped to keep a secret.

Fin was too shy and too much of a scaredy cat to act or sing in front of a crowd, since his not so ideal childhood, people around him often terrified him, just by saying hello. His other side Doll enjoyed the stage and performing, so perhaps one day Fin could figure out how to sing and then leave the rest to Doll, but for now even that terrified him. Although the thought of his own band made him smile. A two man band in one person. Of course he hoped the audience would never know about his condition.

If the androgynous hair, voice, and body weren’t bad enough to get him bullied, then he was sure a multiple personality would put everyone on edge. Not to mention that Fin had zero confidence to begin with. He had better reasons than most to feel insecure, but that was even worse somehow. While he knew Doll enjoyed Fin’s work, he had never shown anyone who wasn’t his mom or tutor any of his sketches, songs, acting, or any of it.

Speaking of which, as Fin entered his very first dorm ever, he noticed other peoples things were there in the main room. He’d known that he was dorming with other people, something Doll clearly felt strongly about since Fin knew Doll had enough money for basically any resident he wanted except perhaps a mansion at this point. Well at least he had his own room.

Looking both ways as if the living room was a street, Fin dragged his considerable gear into the room marked for him and quickly shut the door. He looked around the room and exploring made him smile and reminded him of Ariel in her own grotto. Since no one seemed to be around he decided, while unpacking, that he would sing a little. And what better song for a Naiad whose exploring his new surroundings then Part of Your World?

And so he began to sing to himself: Fin's Part of Your World Here

He decided to sing it in a more masculine fashion even though he could have matched Ariel's pitch. Fin felt very strongly about this song in particular, so as he placed things away he even did so in a somewhat Ariel like fashion.Considering his hair was so long and red, sometimes Fin thought of Ariel as the sister that had disappeared so long ago. So he wanted to sing it for her, not like her.

During moments like these he’d always clutch at the dolphin necklace against his neck and imagine her there with him and happy. He hoped she was somewhere happy and alive, but it had been so long without word that the likelihood was slim to none, and even if she were alive he suspected her life was not a happy one. And that saddened him. Perhaps that was why he felt more of a connection with girls when he was younger and less afraid. He was always looking for the sister that had he’d lost.

As he was getting to the end of this song he sat down for a few minutes on his new bed, his back facing the door. Doll had needed to do a photoshoot before heading to the university, so Fin’s hair was in quite an interesting style currently, with two braids forming a crownlike shape and the rest down. It definitely wasn’t a regular guys hair style, but at least the shirt was a blackish blue, which Fin appreciated as many of Doll’s outfits for modeling were…mixed to say the least. Some of it Fin enjoyed, others he ws horrified by. But there wasn’t much he could do about it, but change once Doll relinquished control to him.

At the end of his song, Fin froze. He’d heard a noise and somehow he believed that if he just stayed perfectly still they wouldn’t find him. It was a silly thought, but somehow it gave Fin hope and so he became statue-like as he waited to hear another noise or until the person, if that’s what it was, went away.

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