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 Here's what's going on.
 Posted: Sep 6 2014, 04:29 PM

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"I would never blame you for the heartache. I would never blame you for the tears. I blame my stubborn heart, soul, body -- every single thing around me stays the same... No matter what. I wanna roll with the wind, bringing distance to everything. I-- Oh... I wanna sit by the fire and glance at the pouring rain."
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I'm going to have to put myself on away indefinitely. I feel bad for not being able to let you guys know sooner, but thing kind of all came crashing down at once.

I do not have internet. We had to cancel our internet service because we don't have the money for it. I SOMETIMES get a wireless signal from one of the neighbor's places, but it's extremely unreliable. Other than that, I have to go to McDonald's for internet.

I have no data on my phone. We just couldn't afford it, so now Chris and I share 1GB between the two of us. I can't use it for anything unless it's absolutely necessary.

I do not have a car. My car sprung a coolant leak and very silently destroyed itself without any warning. My Hyundai has a minimalist dashboard, so there's no temperature gauge, which would have been what told me about the problem. So, it DIED. If I wanted to fix it, I'd need to buy a whole new engine and transmission. I don't have the money for that, and I sure as hell don't have the money for a new car. So, I'm going back and forth the school by cashing in favors people owe me in terms of rides. No idea how stable THAT's going to be. But it also means I can't even go to McDonald's for wifi except on extreme occasion (like today, because I begged my father to take me).

I am moving. First, I'm moving into my dad's vacated house up here. He's retiring to Tennessee and is cleaning out the house up here to get ready to sell it. My boyfriend and I have been living together for 3 years, but... we aren't making bills anymore. After me losing my job, then him losing his, we've just slowly been sinking. Our savings have run out, and only he was able to get another job at $9 less an hour than he was making before. There's no possible way for us to continue renting. So here's the conclusion we came to:

At the end of my school semester, I'm moving down to TN with my father. Details and exactions aside, it is my best option. I told Chris that I wanted him to do what was best for him, even if it meant we were no longer together. As it stands right now, he plans on staying up here for another year and a half, saving money at his parents house, and then moving down to TN after. He can't move down now because his father is going through chemo for his cancer and really needs his kids around for moral support. On top of that, he wants to wait until there's a house on my father's property, or cabin at the least, before moving down. I mean, when I get down there, I'm going to be sharing a 32ft trailer with my father and 3 dogs until we can get something built on the property, which probably won't be until early summer at the earliest.

So...... I'm really sorry for my absence and radio silence, but everything came crashing down so quickly and my life has been utter chaos and mayhem. I WANT to come back, I just don't if/when it's possible. I'm half out of my mind with all this.






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