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 TREMAINE, Corlia Kayla, 19 | Witch | Forensic Psychology
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Forensic Psychology
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corlia kayla tremaine


FULL NAME: Corlia Kayla Tremaine
NICKNAMES: Close friends or family sometimes call her Cory, but normally, it's just Corlia.
AGE: 19 || Born September 9th, 2001
GENDER: female
SEXUALITY: heterosexual
DEGREE/OCCUPATION: Forensic Psychology
FACE CLAIM: Janet Devlin

Corlia is a fairly interesting girl.
A fairly happy and upbeat girl, Everyone has a hard time believing Corlia is a witch. Nothing like her two elder also adopted sisters, Corlia or Cory is one of a kind. Most people believe her to be anorexia, because she never seems to gain weight, despite the crazy amount of food she consumes. Everyone used to think something was wrong with her. Corlia had a secret, that for a long time, no one knew. They all just thought she was crazy or a loon.

Corlia was born with congenital muscular dystrophy. It's a muscle disease that would weaken her entire muscular system. It's like the disease eats away any muscle or fat she puts on. She was extremely fragile and could break anything with a small slip or fall. Her immune system was extremely vulnerable to any illness, so Corlia was prone to have colds and coughs for months on end. Not many children make it to adulthood. Corlia herself wasn't suppose to make it past her sixteenth birthday, which technically she didn't.

Despite her personality, Corlia is very different from many witches. While most feel comfortable to drabble in the dark arts, Corlia does not. And it doesn't help that she can see and talk to the dead. Ghosts of past people. Corlia has been known to sit in a dark room all by herself and have conversations with no one. Which is why people think of her as a loon or crazy. The ability to see the dead only came after she was returned to the living.

Birth Parents: Unknown - Most likely Witches - Gave Corlia up for adoption when she was only a child
Adopted Mother: --- --- Tremaine - Witch - Adopted Corlia when she was 11.
--- --- Tremaine - 23 - Witch - Adopted Sister - Oldest of the Tremaine 3 -
--- --- Tremaine - 21 - Witch - Adopted Sister - Second Oldest of the Tremaine 3 -

Corlia grew up an orphan. Her parents left her on the doorstep of an orphanage with only a note, saying one word: Corlia. Much like her crazy red hair, Corlia was not a force to be reckoned with. Her temper could rival with that of a tempest. Her fiery red curly as hell locks easily matched her personality. She was such a spit fire, it wasn't surprising she loved to play with the boys, rough housing constantly, getting into trouble. She was as rambunctious as any boy, loud and happy. Corlia often looked back on those years and laughed at them. Life was so simple back then.

No one really noticed that Corlia was slightly different then most kids. She was always smaller and maybe considered weaker, but she never cared. She was the same as everyone else. Corlia was 8 when the unexplained happened. Corlia was roughhousing with some boys her age, shrieking with laughter and delight as she did, until a group of older boys came rushing in, shoving Corlia to the ground. When she yelled at them, they laughed and tautly asking the young girl what she was going to do about it. Corlia doesn't remember much after that. When she awoke, she was told that she, Corlia, had caused a car to explode. No one knew how, but everyone tried to forget it. Many of the children feared her after that, which meant Corlia was left to grow up without friends and alone.

Corlia was 10 when she was called to the headmaster's office. Her mind raced as she marched down the halls. Head held high, back straight, Corlia stormed into the large office, not even bothering to knock as she threw the large door opens. She barely noticed another presence as she threw herself into a chair, comfortably awaiting her fate. She barely listened as the headmaster spoke, before she noticed a tall dark-haired women sitting beside her. The women was quite a vision, beautiful and filled with grace. "We have many other children, ma'am, are you sure?" The headmaster spoke, causing Corlia to furrow her brow before looking to the women, who gave her a soft smile,"She's perfect…"

Corlia was adopted by Miss Tremaine as the youngest of her three daughters. There, the young girl began to understand why she was so different. She was a witch, born as one, but never raised. Corlia never called Ms. Tremaine Mom. It was always Ma'am, as much as her adopted mother told her to just say Mom. She was about 13 when she broke her arm. What was surprising was she wasn't doing anything hard; She had only been trying to open a jar of pickles. As she was rushed to Emergency, Corlia was told some horrible news. Her bone structure, unlike a normal childs', was much more fragile. The doctors wanted to do some tests, just to be sure she was ok. Corlia was diagnosed with congenital muscular dystrophy at the age of 13. They told her she would not see the sunset on her 16th birthday. The looks of pity she received, drove Corlia nuts. She took a deep breath as she stared at the pity faced nurses before blurting out,"Oh, for bloody hell, I'm not dead yet!" Ms. Tremaine had to stop herself from laughing at Corlia's comment as the nurses immediately scrambled away, taken back by the girl's words. Although, she was dying, Corlia lived like every day was her last. She grew distant from her sisters, in fear of hurting them when she died.

As her 16th birthday approached, Corlia had grown so weak, she was continuously in the hospital, in the ICU for months. As the doctors had said, Corlia took her final breath as the sun stood at high noon. The nurses wept silently as they moved to tell Ms. Tremaine that her daughter had passed away. Suddenly, there was a surprised cry from a room. Corlia's room. Ms. Tremaine did not even bother to stop as the nurses hurried after her. To everyone's astonishment, Corlia was sitting in her bed, looking almost well, staring at the people in her room. She grinned brightly to her adopted mother and spoke cheerly,"So, what I miss?" No one could believe it, not even Ms. Tremaine. Corlia was kept in for more testing, but the disease that had been slowly killing her all those years ago, had vanished. No one knows why or how. Corlia was kept in the hospital for about 5 months before she was released. Slowly, but surely, Corlia returned to normal, or at least, her normal. Still skinny and all, but she was the same. Although something had changed. She began speaking out loud to no one. Ms. Tremaine had once asked Corlia who she was talking to and Corlia turned to her with a bright smile,"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, I'm just having a lovely conversation with my new friend! His name is John!" Corlia grinned, gesturing to the air in front of her. Ms. Tremaine nearly fainted upon hearing this. Corlia could see the dead, how strange.

Depite her illness, Corlia loved school. After her so called ' brush with death," Corlia became very interested in Forensics. Many people would call it strange, but Corlia loved it. She immediately began looking for a University that would take her before finding the one. She sent in her application and was both surprised yet delighted to hear she had been accepted into Belgrade's University. She immediately persuaded her mother, almost begging her sisters to join her. Ms. Tremaine sighed before looking for a house for the four to live in. On Corlia's 19th birthday, they moved into their new home and was ready to live their life. 

TIMEZONE: Mountain
GENDER: Female
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