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Nov 10 2014, 01:40 AM
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<b>FULL NAME:</b> Mabel Beatrice Osgood
<br><b>NICKNAMES:</b> Mabes, Kitty-Cat
<br><b>AGE:</b> 19
<br><b>GENDER:</b> Female
<br><b>SEXUALITY:</b> Heterosexual
<br><b>SPECIES:</b> Shifter - Cougar
<br><b>DEGREE/OCCUPATION:</b> Environmental Technology
<br><b>YEAR OF STUDY:</b> Sophomore
<br><b>FACE CLAIM:</b> Dove Cameron


<div style="font-family: mangal; font-size: 10px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #4F4F4F; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify; width: 400px;">
“I… I’m afraid I don’t… I don’t know where to start…”
“That’s alright, dear. How about you start simple? Tell me your name, your age, your hobbies; anything you’d like.”
“Okay… well, my name is Mabel Osgood. I’m seventeen years old, but my birthday’s in another few months, so I’m nearly eighteen. I like camping. Hiking and canoeing, too. And swimming. Generally, if I’m outdoors, I’m pretty happy. Some of my non-shifter friends have teased me that it’s because of what I am, but I don’t think that’s true. My sister Eloise hates the woods. She never stops complaining about bugs whenever we go.
“Did you and your family go camping often?”
“Yes, all the time. Whenever we had a free weekend, Mom and Dad would load us up in the car with all our gear then we’d drive to the city limits and set up camp. They said it was because it was good to get out and spend time in nature, get some fresh air into our lungs, but that wasn’t true – not entirely. The truth was that they needed somewhere to shift away from prying eyes. Shifters may suffer the less prejudice than some other races but we’re still… Well… People would have treated us differently if they knew.”
“You’re neighbours weren’t aware of your race?”
“Goodness, no! Of course, the community didn’t advertise what it was like. Heck, my school used to brag about its acceptance of supernatural kids and it’s ‘diversity’. That’s all it was really: a show. Something for the human residence to applaud and to pat themselves on the back about for being more tolerant than others while making sure their own children stayed away from ‘those types’. It was… it was almost worse than the out and out hatred towards our kind. More insidious; like this was the way it was and things could never get better.
No. My parents may have picked that place to live because it was the most outwardly welcoming, but we sure as hell weren’t going to advertise what we were. Only a handful of people knew; close friends who understood and would keep it to themselves.
“Since we’re on the subject… Would you like to talk about what happened that night?”
“Mabel, we don’t have to if you don’t wa--”
“No… It’s fine… I just…
“Things were getting worse. Some radical anti-supernatural group had started forming and more and more family were feeling the pressure to leave. Most went to Belgrade. I remember my parents talking about it too. Discussing finances and whether or not they’d be able to find jobs. They were just being practical. No one knew, so we weren’t in immediate danger. My parents had time to think about it rationally. They even asked for our input, mine and Eloise’s and… and Jenna’s.
“… Turns out, we didn’t have time at all…
“Someone knew. Maybe they saw something or… or somebody told… I hope it’s the former… I would hate to think that… that one of our friends…”
“Mabel, we can stop any time you’d like.”
“I’m fine… I… It’s going to be hard to get through… but… I’m fine…
“Mom and Dad were out that night. Dad had to work late and Mom had some charity committee thing… I can’t even remember now what it was... Anyway, they left me in charge. It was nothing new. Eloise is only a couple years younger than me, so she didn’t need minding so much as monitoring to make sure she didn’t sneak out to see friends. And Jenna… Jenna’s… J-Jenna was a good kid… She never… She never got into trouble and she always listened and… a-and… She was a good kid.
“I-it was sometime around nine when the first bottle came through the window a-and everything exploded into flames. Eloise and I barely had enough time to leap off the couch when the second one flew in. It landed right were Lou had been sitting. If it had come a second sooner…
“We… we had to crawl to get out. Everything was b-burning and there was so much smoke… We could barely see… I don’t remember doing it, but somehow we made it to the back door. Eloise was coughing badly by that point and I had to drag her out onto the lawn…
“It was while we were lying out there, seeing the flames coming out the upstairs windows that I… that I realized…”
“Mabel… It’s alright now.”
“NO! No, it isn’t alright! I left my sister up there! My little sister who never did anything wrong! Who was smart and sweet and w-who —w-w-who didn’t d-deserve—”
“It wasn’t your fault, Mabel. There was nothing you could have done. If you’d have gone back into that house again, you both would have died. You thought quickly and you saved Eloise. Jenna’s death was not your fault. No one blames you. It’s alright, dear. You’re in Belgrade now. You and your family are safe.”


<div style="font-family: mangal; font-size: 10px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #4F4F4F; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify; width: 400px;">
<b>YOUR ALIAS:</b> Posey
<br><b>TIMEZONE:</b> Eastern Standard Time
<br><b>CONTACT:</b> PM
<br><b>GENDER:</b> Lady
<br><b>ANYTHING ELSE:</b> Second character time!


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