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Jul 22 2014, 11:54 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="padding:30px;width:300px;height:100%;text-align:justify;">
Amber's family was a little crazy… scratch that, extremely crazy. For a long time, Amber never knew that her dad had a brother, in fact even her dad didn't know! It was a very long and complex story, but in the end, The Willioughbys' turned out to be Amber's cousins. Crazy, right? Not many people are very close to their relatives, but it's very different for the Jacksons. Amber was and still is extremely close to her two cousins, Alex and Max. They're like her brothers, except Alex, who is probably the only girl Amber would trust with her life. Max is like another brother; still very close to the young girl. Amber had found out recently that Alex and Max had gotten into Belgrade Uni and were actually staying on campus. Amber had immediately made plans to meet up with Max as he had been saying something about a secret idea. Alex was living in the same flat as Amber, which made the young girl's day! Finally, someone who she could seriously talk to about anything! She missed her cousins and it was great to see them again
Amber's converses carried her towards the Nyx hall, nearly skipping as she had to control herself from running in. She vaguely remembered the party she had been at in Luke's flat but she didn't care at this point. She couldn't wait to see her cousin! She bounded into the dorm, hopping into the elevator before moving to the first floor. She grinned as the doors opened a moment later, allowing her to bounce over to the door. She realized it was open, immediately opening it and heading in. Suddenly, her mind came back into polite mode. 'Ummm, Ace? Ever heard of knocking?' Amber immediately cursed softly to herself before she took another step back, knocking on the door and removing her shoes. "Maximus??? You here? Max?" Amber called into the flat. It was much like hers, so she easily made her way inside. She grinned as she saw the back of her dashing cousin before trotting over to wrap her arms around him in a hug from behind.
"So, how are you, Max?" Amber asked, removing her arms from around him with a smirk before planting a kiss on his cheek. Amber never really thought it might look funny to kiss Max on the cheek or how it could come across; She treated him exactly like her brother or brothers. "So, What kind of crazy idea are we up to today? Why are you looking through our friends list?" Amber looked at Max's open laptop before giving him a wide eyed expression,"Wait, are you thinking what I think you're thinking, because if you are, you are officially my best friend and fellow match-making genius…" Amber grinned with a small laugh. Although she wasn't a real romantic person, Amber had been known to try and set up her dear brothers on a number of dates. Max had actually been the first one who introduced Amber to match-making. It was probably the only real girly hobby Amber had.
She immediately moved to the fridge, frowning as she noticed it was nearly empty. She moved to look at her cousin with a grin before she moved to pick up the phone. She held it up before winking at Max, "Whatca in the mood for, Maxy? Chinese, pizza, Italian? I could go and pick us up some ice cream, if you're not really hungry… I haven't eaten lots today, cause I was way too excited to see you…" Amber admitted, looking at her cousin, waiting for him to answer her.
Jul 20 2014, 07:08 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="padding:30px;width:300px;height:100%;text-align:justify;">
Amber Savannah James Jackson sighed as she shifted from foot to foot as she waited for the line to continue moving. Her black converses tapped impatiently on the ground and her left hand fiddled with her necklace as she tried to be still for more then two minutes. She had to stop herself from growling gently. The man at the front was patiently picking out the drinks as he stared down at his phone. Amber nearly lost it when the guy's phone began ringing and he began talking to the man on the other line. She could feel her shifter form shifting [ha! nice pun] inside of her, growing more and more impatient. 'Chill little one…' Amber took a ragged deep breath in as she tried to rein in her anger and desire to yank the man's throat out.
Now, why, you ask, was Miss Jackson in such a bad mood on this beautiful summer day? Well, Amber wasn't exactly wanting to spend that much time outside. She had a date, that involved a container of Carmel Coconut Blondie Ice cream, a marathon of her favourite movies [Gladiator, Pirates, and Horses, what could be better] and a warm comfortable bed. It was Saturday and Amber was once again home for the weekend, why? Amber didn't know, but Amber enjoyed her small moments at home. They were quiet, happy and normally, brother-free. 'Yes!' an imaginary arm fist bumped the air a couple times in her head before she shook it, noticing the line had moved up. The stupid man was finally off his cell and finishing paying. Amber gave her head a quick shake before she touched her necklace gently to calm her. Ok, She could handle this...
After that stupid man, the rest of the line passed rather quickly. When Amber finally stepped up to the cash, She immediately asked for an iced peppermint white chocolate mocha. It was way too hot for something warm, so she settled on something cold. She hummed gently as she waited, paying for the drink as she did, before moving to the side. She nearly bounced up and down as she waited. Her mind began to wander as this happened. She wondered if Zac was at home or if one of her brothers wanted to join. Well, Luke wouldn't. Hanging out with his little sister isn't exactly the typical Saturday, that Luke would be interested in. Josh was probably out all day, and she didn't know about Zac or Damien, but her thoughts were cut off when she heard her name being called. She jumped forward, smiling brightly to the women before she turned around to head out the door. She looked down for a moment, weaving around people, avoiding running into people.
The fates must have hated Amber today, because as she managed to get to the door, she crashed into someone. She gasped in surprise as the contents of her cold drink immediately splattered the front of someone's shirt. She could tell who it was because she was too busy sitting up from having fallen backwards. When her eyes finally flickered open, She gasped. A tall man stood in front of her, her entire drink splayed across his shirt. All she wanted to do was shift into her fossa form and run away to hide, but that would be a cowards way out. Amber was no coward.
"Oh my gosh! I'm so extremely sorry; I didn't even see you there, sir… Gosh, I'm such a cluzt, I'm so, so, so, so, so sorry…" a nervous laugh flitted out as Amber apologized to the tall man, biting her lip before she immediately scrambled to her feet. She immediately grabbed some napkins and bit at her lip, hand brushing against his to hold them out to him,"I'm so, so, so, so sorry again…" Amber waited for the man to say something. With her luck, he would probably glare at her or yell, which she wouldn't blame him if he did. She could hear the snickering of girls and muttered comments, which made Amber feel even worse. Great, She managed to ruin someone's day, plus make a huge fool out of herself.
Could this day get any worse?
Jul 16 2014, 02:53 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="padding:30px;width:300px;height:100%;text-align:justify;">
Amber Savannah James Jackson was sitting on a park bench, a large wicker picnic basket sitting beside her. She had her head rested on her left hand as her right hand fiddled with her necklace. She looked like she was waiting for something… or someone. Actually, she was waiting for someone in particular. Henry. Amber had met the man a couple days beforehand after Amber crashed into him and ended up spraining her ankle. To say the least, it was an interesting first meeting. Amber was intrigued by the older man, who looked not much older then her, but seemed older. Being in a supernatural town, Amber could never be too sure with anything anymore. This guy could be older then 100 and Amber was only 18. That gave her stomach an uncomfortable flip, which she mentally scolded at herself. 'Oh give it a break… You should have thought of that before you invited him on this friendly outing…' Amber sighed gently.
Amber refused that this was a date; no way, no how. It was just a friendly outing between friends, nothing more. And if anyone said otherwise, Amber would tear them from limb to limb. 'Hostile,' her mind tsked gently at that thought, causing Amber to roll her eyes. Her mind seemed to have a mind of it's own, a voice that always voiced reason or just bothered the hell out of her. Amber allowed a small sigh to slip from her lips. She looked around the park, in an attempt to settle her mind. It was probably about 6 pm, the sun hanging low in the sky, casting pink and blue streaks to arc across the skies. There weren't many people, which was nice. Amber didn't really feel like meeting someone she knew, right now. Her fossa form was inching to get out and have a roam, but Amber held back.
'No, not now…' Amber spoke firmly to her form, before she tried to block out the urge to shift. She wasn't sure why Henry had asked to do it late, but Amber didn't mind. As much as she liked the day, the night was her escape. She remembered the nights, sitting on the roof, staring at the stars, bathed in moonlight. The cold breeze raced through her, but didn't seem to bother the young girl as she sat on the bench. Amber nearly cursed as she realized she had forgotten a jacket. Oops, Oh well… Amber smiled to herself as she touched her necklace gently. The amber coloured stone caught the golden rays of the sunlight, glimmering briefly as the rays bounced through the stone. Amber looked around again with a small sigh.
Her light blue eyes wandered around the park, looking for that familiar face. She knew she was early, as per usual. As a child, it was pounded into her brain, that she was never late, but early. Her mom used to say it was a habit, but Amber never really understood why. Even now, Amber was always early, unless she slept in, but that was besides the point. Her eyes caught the last rays as they lowered beneath the horizon, the sun's golden head, finally disappearing under it's earthy blankets. Amber smiled gently before turning her head upward slightly, grinning gently as the stars began to appear. A bright smile settled on her face before she looked to the picnic basket. She had dug it up later on, when she was going through the boxes that were still lining her room. Amber's eyes noticed her crutches were still laying on the ground. She had found them, not long after the incident, making up an excuse of jumping down a flight of stairs, once again. It wouldn't be the first time that happened. She wasn't about to let Henry take the fall for what had happened.
A low huff skipped through Amber's parted lips before she moved to pick up her crutches once again. She felt like she had been waiting there forever, but knew she was only a couple minutes until Henry said he would arrive. Amber pushed herself up off her hand before she ran her left hand through her hair. It was strange how Amber's heartbeat picked up as the minutes ticked by… Why, she didn't have an answer to...
Notes: I have to stop using Polyvore xD So sorry it's so long… My mind got away from me!
Jul 14 2014, 04:50 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="padding:30px;width:300px;height:100%;text-align:justify;">
Amber Savannah James Jackson hummed as she sat in her box filled room, sketching the empty room for ideas on the perfect bedroom for her. It was quiet in the Jackson home, which was unusual as it was normally bussing with activity. It was strange for the young girl, always used to hearing her brothers hanging around. Most of the house was still empty, boxes standing around the house like giant columns. Amber hated unpacking, because normally, the Jacksons didn't stay long in one place. Her own boxes were still standing around her room, most unopened. Amber's long blonde hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, gently running over the back of her neck and trailing over her shoulders. A rogue strand of hair fell into her face, which Amber didn't even bother to brush away. Her eyelashes fluttered as her light blue eyes flickered from her room to the large pad of paper sitting in her lap. She looked comfortable in a light blue tank top with the words 'Bestie' written on them. Two animated pictures of a donut and coffee were splayed across the front. The light pink shorts were covered in the same little animations. A light blue soft blanket was thrown over the girl's shoulders.
No one was home at the moment; Josh was either swimming or out job hunting; Luke would be either at his dorm or doing something, Damien was probably at work and Zac was probably out. It was a Saturday, so it didn't surprise Amber to see no one. Her brothers had their own lives and as much as Amber loved that, she missed being around them 24/7. They were her rock, her best friends. She loved them like crazy and she couldn't help but miss them. Amber hummed a soft song as she worked, pencil moving lightly over the paper in steady strokes. She smiled as she finished the sketch before she immediately tore it out and placed it on the ground in front of her. Amber stood, allowing the blanket to fall to the ground before she placed her hands on her hips, turning to look at the boxes around her with a sigh. She moved to open a box, grinning as she saw what was on top.
"Score!" Amber laughed before she pulled out her stereo. She immediately ran for the wall, plugging it in before turning it on. She dug into her pocket to pull out her phone before plugging it in and turning the songs to shuffle. She began opening boxes as the song started. She had to laugh when the song came on. 'Back Home' by Andy Grammar began blasting through her stereo, which made her laugh because, well, the song talked about going home when Amber was moving into her new house. It was kind of ironic in that sense. Her mind wandered as she began singing along to the music and opening boxes. Her voice was fairly crisp, floating through the air. She wasn't a popstar, but her voice was fairly melodic. She began thinking about her first friend she had made. Lily, a werewolf, would have to be a pretty awesome girl. The pair shared a fairly interesting connection. Amber didn't normally get along with girls, but her and Lily seemed to click. Strange, yes, but not uncommon. Henry was the second person who Amber had met. A young man, who was probably older then he looked by the way he acted. Overall, a nice man, but Amber knew that he had his dark secrets. She was curious about him, but she knew better then to push someone. Hayden was one of Amber's flat mates. Unfortunately, both Amber and Zac had caught her at the wrong time. Let's just say it was a fairly awkward first meeting. She wasn't too sure if Hayden was really her friend, but Amber didn't care at this point. Amber laughed as she sang, pulling pictures and stuff out of the boxes, setting them on the ground.
"See, we won't forget where we came from,/ The city won't change us,/ We beat to the same drum,/ No, we won't forget where we came from,/ The city can't change us,/ We beat to the same drum, the same drum," Amber smiled gently, chuckling as she sang along with the lyrics. She began dancing, twirling around her room, laughing to herself. She felt like a little kid again, feeling free and child like as she danced around her room. She continued to jump, spin and laugh as she moved around her room. She barely noticed anyone watching her, nor did she care. She was at home alone… or was she?
Jul 3 2014, 06:05 AM
Ok, So, Jackson Family, we have two new members to the crazy big family: our cousins Alex and Max Willoughby.

Their father Colin was Dylan's younger brother, but nobody knew. Only Jacksons could find out by any couple ways. I'm pretty sure Dylan would have found out and probably went looking for him. I could totally see Alex and Amber being extremely close, but my brain is so messed up right now. I thought I would put something up, cause we should also talk about how the Jacksons are gonna act with each other and all that!

So bam! Go ahead! Throw in ideas! Vic, Mia, Ely, Allie, Kati, even Crystal, although Damien hasn't been completed yet! Not that Nemi is much better xD
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