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THIS is the song.
Delilah always loved to attend local festivals, carnivals and state fairs, just like this one being hosted by Belgrade, not just for its supernatural locals but for the humans living in the surrounding areas. Everybody was always smiling, there were fun rides to try and out and cool games to play, not to mention the food was designed to clog your arteries and fill your heart with warmth. Best of all, there was cotton candy. She couldn’t think of a time when she hadn’t been equipped with a constant sweet tooth, and cotton candy had to be one of her favorite things ever. It was light, fluffy, and always came in such cool colours, which was a lot like Delilah herself. While normally she dressed depending on her mood, always decked out in strange patterns and shades, today her outfit had one reoccurring theme; Batman. While she knew that the best thing in the world was to always be yourself, if you had the chance to be Batman, well . . . then you always had to be Batman! Duh! She had on a pair of high-waist black shorts, an oddly designed Batman shirt, a hat and even a glow-in-the-dark belt buckle. Her flip flops also had little Batman logos on them, but she wouldn’t be wearing them for much longer. Delilah was waiting in the tent for a musician singing an original song and playing acoustic guitar – who happened to be one of her students – to finish up, because she was on deck to perform next. In one hand she was holding onto her electric violin, purple in colour and given the shape of a regular violin but comparatively hollow to her usual instrument in appearance. When the young musician finished up, he was greeted with applause, men and women and younger kids clapping, having thoroughly enjoyed his playing. He thanked everyone before taking his instrument off to the sidelines, moving towards Delilah as he did so.

Bouncing on her tiptoes, she moved to give her student a great big hug, still bouncing a bit as she let go. ”That was amazing! You were so good! Wonderful job!” she told him, holding his face between her hands. Like most of her students, he towered over her, and he smiled down at his teacher gratefully. That was when the master of ceremonies began to announce that Delilah Giodano was next, and Delilah bent down to her violin case to pick up her bow, ready to rock. She also kicked off her flip flips before heading to the center of the tent, her student and everybody else clapping for her. She could hear some of the younger kids cheering. To them, she had been known as “that dancing violin lady!” for the past few years she had been performing here and in other random spots around town. Today she had a real treat for the kids, and a fake wall had been set up, covered in a white cloth. The light hit her to cast a shadow on the wall. She was paired up with a witch who had been part of her crew back when Delilah had been on tour, one that had always lent a hand to the special effects of her live performance and of her music videos. The trick that she would be aiding Delilah with today was one that they had pulled off for the music video of the song that Delilah was about to perform. To the human eye it would’ve looked like a mere video editing trick, but the only editing that had been done was to eliminate the aura of bright light that emanated from Delilah at all times, displaying her as a light elf, which usually set humans who were uncomfortable around supernaturals on edge.

Her background mix began to play from the speakers set up around the tent. This was a song that Delilah had created quite a long time ago, as part of her first CD, and it was always a crowd favorite, especially when magic was involved with the visual effects As Delilah began to play, moving about as she did and dancing to the tune of her own instrument, her shadow that was cast on the wall began to move independently, sometimes playing violin and sometimes dancing on its own. The kids giggled, amazed at the sight. As Delilah played, the glow of white light that always emerged from her body was suddenly much more radiant, for she was always at her best and brightest when she was performing for an audience, her violin creating a beautiful melody that her body couldn’t help but dance to.





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