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vampires are created when a human is bitten and slowly left to change over a number of days. they need blood to sustain themselves, but they are fully capable of eating food, although they have no need to. unlike the various stories and legends, vampires are not harmed by garlic, holy water or a cross. vampires do have ordinary coloured eyes, but when feeding they flash red. the only way you can spot a vampire is by their pale skin and slightly cold skin - they are undead, after all. moreover, vampires have fangs but they tend to be hidden unless they are feeding or attempting to scare another. similar to the legends, vampires do have supernatural strength and speed, although they are not completely invincible, and they are not harmed by the sun, but they will be slightly weaker during the day. vampires tend to dislike werewolves, and there has been a feud between the two for centuries. finally, a bitten vampire cannot age, and will stay 'frozen' at the age they were bitten.

female vampires are infertile, and are unable to have children. however, male vampires are capable of having children with a female human. these half children are called dhampir, and inherit the positive aspects of vampirism. they do need blood to survive, but less than bitten vampires. furthermore, dhampirs are also immortal, and tend to stop aging around their early 20's. however, dhampirs can face some discrimination from the ancient vampires, as they do not see them as 'pure' and 'true' vampires.

werewolves only transform during the full moon period, and are unable to control their own actions. the bloodthirsty beast takes over and they cannot be around any human without fear of killing them. all werewolves have a taste for meat, and you'd never find a vegetarian werewolf. generally, werewolves can get angry quicker than other people when they're in their human form, and can find it hard to keep their temper in check. werewolves tend to dislike vampires, and the feud between the two has been around since the beginning of time.

there's two ways of becoming a werewolf: being bitten and through your genes. usually bitten werewolves are the ones who were left to die, but transformed instead. werewolves are able to breed with humans and fellow werewolves. there's a 50% chance of inheriting the werewolf gene, but you'll definitely have the gene if both your parents are werewolves. born werewolves usually turn for the first time around nine - twelve years of age.

shifters have a rare genetic gene which allows them to change into one animal of their choosing, and the first transformation usually occurs at the start of puberty. it can take a while for a shifter to learn how to control their transformation, and at the start they may accidentally shift into their animal form. shifters are just like humans, although they possess a few abilities of their animal form when they're in their human one. for example, someone who can shift into a fox would be overly sly. it's usually impossible to spot a shifter in a crowd of humans: unless they keep an obvious animal trait when in human form. shifters are able to breed with both their own kind and humans, and their children have the same chances as werewolves do regarding the shifting gene. shifters are more accepted in society than any other breed, purely because they look and act like humans.

angels are one of the purest creatures you'll ever meet. they believe that everyone has good in them, even some demons. some angels have been around since the beginning of time, thus showing how they do not age and are immortal. angels have wings, and are able to fly with these. also, like elves they have an affinity for light and seem to radiate happiness. generally, angels are incredibly beautiful and appear to have no imperfections.

unfortunately it's very hard for angels to have children, and even those that have been around since the beginning of time have only had four or five. however, angels that have children with other species are able to reproduce almost as quickly as any other race. these half angel children are frowned down upon as they are not the 100% pure creatures they should be. the only creatures that angels find it hard to see good in are the demons. in the past there has been half demon and half angel children, and these children were shunned from society completely. even now, angels and demons despise each other.

demons are the complete opposite of angels in every way possible. they thrive on darkness and despair, and cannot stand seeing people joyful and happy. however, this does not mean that they are naturally sadistic, although they do have an obvious, darker side. demons do not have wings, banishing the belief that demons are really fallen angels, but despite this demons are still referred to as the creatures that were banned from heaven. much like vampires, demons are immortal and possess supernatural strength and speed, yet in the day these abilities are severely diminished.

unlike angels, demons can reproduce at the same rate as any other species, but generally they will go hundreds of years without having a children. they see it as a crime to have children with anyone other than demons, and it's highly unusual to find a half demon. demons possess an unnatural hatred for angels, and hate them more than anything else. they also have an alliance with dark elves and vampires.

there are two types of elves, and they are quite different from how the media portrays them. light elves are the elves that prefer sunlight and nature, and love being outdoors. these elves tend to have an affinity for light, and can practically make a dark room glow with their presence. they usually have light hair and eyes, but this isn't always the case. light elves tend to get along with angels more than any other species.

dark elves are the complete opposite of their cousins, and prefer dwelling in darker places. however, this doesn't mean that they are evil creatures. dark elves have an affinity for darkness, and usually have dark hair and eyes. they don't particularly hate light elves, but do see themselves as remarkably different from them. dark elves have an alliance with vampires and demons.

both elves are an average human height, and tend not to despise any other species. despite this, they do tend to keep to themselves and try to keep themselves out of troubles concerning other species. they have been criticised for this in times of tension. it is incredibly rare for elves to marry outside their species, almost as rare as it is for demons. half elves tend to inherit the supernatural qualities, but appear more human and find it easier to integrate with other species. elves have a lifespan of a few hundred years, and they are not immortal.

there are two types of nymphs: dryads and naiads. dryads have an attachment to the earth, and have a special connection with a tree of their choice. dryads are incredibly graceful, and are usually quite tall. naiads have an affinity for water, and are amazing swimmer. if they had to, they could survive easily underwater for a long period of time. naiads are beautiful, and are also quite tall. nymphs have a grudging respect for elves, although they tend to integrate well with other species. generally, nymphs attempt to stay out of troubles within other species.

nymphs can breed with their own race and humans, and generally there are no negative connotations if they move outside of their species. half-nymph children will have human traits entwined with their nymph ones, although they'll be more nymph than human. nymphs have a lifespan of a few hundred years, and they are not immortal.

witches are incredibly similar to humans, except for the fact they have special powers in their blood. they use herbs, crystals, candles, and other equipment, to cast spells. the witches are more like traditional witches in stories: they do not have wands like the modern day harry potter version. men can be witches, but they do not possess as much power as the females do, so really the females dominate the race. witches live for an average human live, and can have as many children as they wish. witches tend to smell a bit like spices, and appear more flawless than normal humans. when witches do marry other species, they children tend to possess a remarkable mix of both talent with casting spells, and the traits from the other half of their genetics. witches are incredibly sly, and have formed alliances with every species at some point in time.

hybrids can be a mix of any race, no matter what species. if the hybrid is a mix between a supernatural race and a human, the supernatural qualities will be more dominant over the human ones. hybrids are accepted as another race altogether, but certain hybrids are frowned down upon for a number of reasons: especially angel and demon ones. all hybrids are different: only sibling hybrids have similar qualities. the most common hybrids are ones between humans and other races, but nowadays there's more variety.

gifted humans are humans that possess certain gifts. gifted humans are quite common, and have one or two gifts depending on the power. these gifts can range from telepathy to being able to talk to animals. if a gifted human has two gifts, they would be quite weak compared to a gifted human who just has one. gifted humans can have children with any species, but generally attempt to stick within the human side of things. this is due to their human status, as the majority of supernatural species regard them as the humans that have been so against them throughout history. because of this, gifted humans tend to be discriminated against a lot, but once they show how powerful they are, some tend to gain a bit more respect.





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